Martha lost her kiosk due to the protest. He sees his empty shed lying on the ground. Photo: Twitter bObrasQuito

There are several signs of solidarity Martha Yambe. Staff Missing Of Kiosk At the time of the incident Violence In Demonstration That this Saturday, June 25, 2022 is the 13th day of the union Ecuador.

On the 11th Protest The Place Of Is working Of Martha It was Destruction. The kiosk offers that variety Products Of beauty, Food And plastic roses Star road On the way October 12 and December 6, north Quito.

In an interview with this newspaper, the woman said she has been working in this place for 35 years. Yambe is a mother of three Boys And live north of the capital. A few days before the attack Suffer Not the first to register your kiosk. Three years ago he felt the same thing. In 2019, during the period Protest His workplace was in October LootBut then they didn’t destroy it.

A credit has been given to the victims since the 2019 protests

The woman agreed Credit To rebuild his “kioskito” in a bank, as he puts it. With sales of its products in recent years, it has canceled some Arrears Of Debt. Now he does not know how to repay his debt without his work.

Thursday, June 23, 2022 was a Scary day For the woman. He was at one of his houses that day Daughter South of the capital. Yambe with him Family They stay there and report on the incident through television channels and social networks. He saw his kiosk on a television broadcast. In one of the videos recorded around 7 pm, he realized that his Business He was no longer in his usual place. Its the beginning Frustration.

With tears and weakness, he was looking for a means of transportation to leave his daughter’s house on the side of the park. Small trees. That afternoon he found no more mobilization and left for the next day. On Friday, June 24, 2022, at 4:00 AM, he got up and went to that place with his family members. A truck brought them to the sector The MarineIn the center, and from there they begin to walk north Star road.

Reaching that road was in one place War zones Among the protesters and manpower during the rally, they could not find the stall. The structure was Snatching In the original Ruins Which were on that street in the center-north of the capital, Yambe and her daughter began descending to Avenida 6D in December at the height of the building. Comptroller General Of Condition. There were structures on the sidewalk next to this place Stand up Black Except for a few Inside

Martha Yambe It is Everything is lost. Her business had two showcases, more than 500 500 worth of beauty products, a blender, an electric burner, food and her savings. There was nothing left.

Social media users spread the case

For Martha Reached social networks. On Friday, June 24, a campaign to help women in Quito began. Its users Twitter, Facebook And Instagram Shared pictures about its business impact Yambe. Hours later, a number Bank account Digital platforms flooded. It belongs to Manuel Cassedo Vargas, the husband of his daughter Christina Padilla.

Many of the items destroyed by protesters were used as barricades.  Photo: EFE
Many of the items destroyed by protesters were used as barricades. Photo: EFE

Yambe said people’s help has come into account and is not stopping. Authorities were also contacted. Luz Elena Coloma, Councilor QuitoJoin, having information about the affected. The mayor, on his social networks, has invited citizens and municipal entities To make a toast Of Support for. The Municipality Of Quito will rebuild The Kiosk.

Solidarity shows keep coming. A recognized one on Instagram Designer Join the cause of the internal. Andres Cruz wants to “create the best kiosk” for Martha. Also, he opens support for other people who live together Condition Influenced by workers, Protest.

“I hope all of this will improve and I can work,” Yambe said. The woman appreciates the solidarity shown by the people and looks forward to reactivating her job.

#Quito dawned on June 25, 2022 with some roads closed. ECU 911 Issue Report »

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