Miguel Angel LurePresident LigaproHas announced that the Ecuador Soccer Championship will be played together New ball

In the beginning 2022 seasonThe leaders approved it Nike FlightOf color Orange and blue, Like a ball Of competition

The Round Was made In particular For him Ecuador Tournament. Despite this, Complaint All around Tell me They did not wait.

In Transmission Of the parties Pro LeagueThe circle was created Impenetrable On time and caused Vision problems. From different Sector They are roses Claim Around this Difficulty.

Praise Recognized Disaster In March 2022. “The audience is right, The ball thing is a reality, it doesn’t look like it, “he said. Discussion Needed for a quick solution.

East Monday 11 April 2022, Loor announces that Round Will be Transferred. He mentioned that New ball They will arrive in a week April 11 and April 18 Of 2022.


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