According to the Comptroller’s report, 35% of the goals that Moreno set were not measurable and only remained in the statement. Photo: File / L Commerceio

The state regulator has conducted an audit of the National Development Plan 2017-2021: Lifetime of the President Lenin Monroe. The report details that only 42% of the quantitative targets, on average, were met during that time.

The National Development Plan De Moreno initially consisted of three programmatic axes: legal, economic, and social; Nine national goals and 149 goals. In the second year of the government (2018) they have come down to 139.

According to its report Regulator, 35% of these goals, which Moreno raised, were not measurable and only remained in the statement. In addition, 23% of the target assessment per year remains pending, the results of which are considered for subsequent evaluation report. Management.

The regulator’s office has assessed three-year management targets for 2017 to 2019, and Moreno resigned as president in May 2021 without submitting his last year in office. This document must be submitted before May 24 National Assembly.

According to Control Entity, 2017 is the one where the best results were achieved, it has met its 43% PurposeWhile in 2019 it has just reached 38%.

Similarly, the document indicates that no Periodic monitoring Or failure to achieve quantitative targets so that the institutions in charge take corrective action.

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