Regarding the progress of the use of force, the project assumes that the offender will not need to shoot in front of a uniformed officer, but rather will be based on the level of risk or danger. Photo: Assembly

In a bid to provide greater guarantees for police, military and prison agents for their work, the legislature set up a second and final debate on the bill. Laws on the lawful use of force.

The ruling party has left 137 MLAs in a quandary. “There are only two ways: either for the law or for crime,” he said. Patrick Pinto (I think), a member of the Security Commission, where the text was processed.

Ramiro NorvezThe legislature of the Democratic Left (ID) and the chairman of the commission, assured that this ideal “given Clarity to the police So that you can act. Each level must be used depending on the level of risk or danger. “

He noted that the range from these guarantees Legal sponsorshipProtection, training, training and arming of the family nucleus of life insurance uniformed officers.

But the report did not satisfy the Social Christian Party (PSC), Coreismo and Pachakutic, who control the majority in the plenary.

Social Christian Louis Almeida It has been questioned that the plan is not clear so that police can shoot, as in the case of a public crime such as robbery or murder, and Will not be judged. However, Pinto noted that “they will be able to defend themselves in freedom, and they will not lose their jobs.”

“They are considering bringing him to justice and they are going to hire a lawyer for him. Story. Because the public defenders never won the trial, “Almeida replied.

The Crismo and Pachakutik The role of the public force has been identified as an important knot Social protestAlthough the ruling party and ID legislators have noted that the initiative was not designed to control the problem.

“It simply came to our notice then National Police And we are giving them a section on peaceful protests and demonstrations. If there are intruders in this context who are committing violence, the police can neutralize them, “said Norvez.

As for the introduction Armed forcesPinto explained that the law enforcement would force the military to “ Police on the street“Not only for arms control that has already been conducted, but they will also be able to enter the so-called hotspots.”

The text of about 200 articles reached the second debate in the 774th session of the plenary, the first being convened by the new president of the assembly, Virgil SakiselaAfter a legislative struggle that locked the function for three months and resulted in the removal of Lori in Guadalupe.

However, it was not without controversy because when the session was installed The ruling party has come outRonnie Alega (Ounce) ‘s vote was registered in a motion, although he was not there.

The bench ordered that a complaint be filed against Allega for appearing in some photographs with suspected drug traffickers and other offenses, noting that the case was already being investigated by the regulatory commission.

The A’League canceled the press conference the day before. Instead, he issued a statement denying responsibility.

Other points

The plenary approved two proposals before debating the law. One was the appointment of Guadalupe Llori (PK) as a member of the Constitutional Guarantee Commission, replacing his successor, Virgilio Saquicela (Ind.). The proposal was approved by the same majority which removed him from the presidency.

Meanwhile, Coresta Blasco Luna proposed that President Guillermo Lasso’s first report to the nation go to the analysis of the Economic Governance Commission, which regulates opposition to legislation.

Luna explained that the information presented by the President on May 24 needs to be reviewed and contrasted, in accordance with the law.

The annual report of the President of the Republic shall be sent to that Commission so that within 30 days it may prepare a reasonable report for the plenary knowledge of the National Assembly.


Regarding the progress of the use of force, the project assumes that the offender will not need to shoot in front of a uniformed officer, but rather will be based on the level of risk or danger.

Police can chase away the suspects with separate weapons. In the event of an investigation, the police officer will be free to defend himself and will not be fired immediately until the investigation is completed.

Law enforcement agencies are considering creating a new state of emergency for police, military and pension agents to intervene.

Consideration is also being given to forming a tactical group of pensioners who will be able to use weapons to prevent riots against guides.

Lori, currently a member of the legislature in Guadalupe, was upset and spoke out against the impeachment process. Identify those responsible ┬╗

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