In his first presentation League of Quito The newly promoted defeated Giulio and despite the results, his performance left doubts. For his second match, Deportivo lost to Cuenca and criticism They did not wait, against the squad and DT Pablo Marini.

The white team suffered a 2-0 goal Alejandro Serrano Aguilar Pulling from the precision ended the undefeated trend. In the capital of Ajua, Liga had 15 shots on goal, none of which were really dangerous.

With four shots, Ezekiel POV He was the one who tried to score the most goals, then Michael Hoyes shot three times. Marini played again without area reference.

Marini acknowledged this at a news conference His team was occasionally erratic. However, Blame the playground Quencano is the main reason for his team’s irregular play.

For our game We need better playground conditions, I think it’s time for Ligapro to demand another state on the playing field, “the Argentine strategist told a news conference.

Argument for strategyTo annoy white fans, They began to question his ideas. Here are some comments from fans:

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