The fall occurred at 94 km, in the Pilalo-Cit র Rios section, which connects Latakunga with the canton of La Mana. Photo: MTOP.

The cause of winter continues Defeat In the province of Cotopaxi. A Petni This Friday, May 20, the connecting E30 road covered ৷ Latakunga Including La Mana Resists The He has passed Dozens of light vehicles, buses and trucks that Transportation products.

The Pilalo-Seat Rios section, 94 kilometers away, reported a state of emergency Ministry From Transportation Y. Public works (MTOP). Drivers are advised to take the alternative route Alóag – Santo Domingo.

Landslides coming down from the mountains He has destroyed Part Highway Which connector has completely closed this road Mountains With Coast Through the province of Kotopaksi.

The first landslide began two days ago, police officer Milton Herrera told the Ecuador Channel. “From there the asphalt table begins to crumble.”

Affects the fall Transfer Hundreds Person. This Friday people were forced to walk through waterlogging to try to reach their destination. Oscar Tiggs said he must go from La Mana to Quito because he has one Medical appointment.

As this road was closed, a long line of vehicles fell. “Since Thursday I have been trying to get to La Mana; Yesterday they did not let me go and today I came here and I found the road Bad condition And transit is not allowed, ”said another citizen.

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