Government William Lasso Work to prepare your question. Referendum. They are expected to be dispatched within three weeks Constitutional Court For your approval. But what was his purpose and what led him to follow that path?

The government’s advice, for the time being, focuses on this Four ideas: Investment and employment; Security; Reform of the political party system; And the abolition of the powers of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCs).

Although the panorama will be clearer when the government presents the content of the questions, the executive has reiterated in several interventions that the priority is specific law.

Economic law

Draft for biological law Investment attraction, Strengthening the stock market and digital transformation is another major project of the government. It was sent to the National Assembly for speedy approval. However, it did not have enough support, it was denied and it was archived on March 24.

According to Lasso, the ultimate goal of the project is to create jobs. He made a promise in his campaign.

The project is in the process of socialization. Labor law. Once this stage is completed, it must be referred to the legislature for its treatment. But archiving in the background of the project, Lasso analyzes not to send it.

On the other hand, there are economic development and financially sustainable laws after the Kovid-19 epidemic. This law, which means Tax reform. On November 29, 2021, it was enacted by the Ministry of Law because the Legislature did not collect 70 votes for the text file or approval.

Currently, there is a proposal in the legislature to repeal the said law. The state budget for this year is calculated with the income generated by this Act.

Reasons for popular advice

Political analyst Alfredo Espinosa Evaluates that there is some information that has sharpened the political landscape and influenced the executive to take this constitutional path. Cross death And Alexandra Vela, a former minister in his government.

But the implication is that the legislature, since May 24, 2021, has a “birth defect” in its constitution, its relationship with the executive branch begins to break down and worsens with the stalemate. That turned out to be a Lack of governance.

For experts, one of the reasons is the problem Unemployment. A question about it would allow him to “overcome the barriers imposed by the unions,” he said.

Lack of an effective communication strategy and a Political operator They have also snatched space from the government in front of the opposition. “Instead of creating a merger, it stays closed in its position,” Espinosa said.

Added to this is the lack of new leadership, “there are recycled faces without major results.”

The need to answer to the international community is another factor that a Referendum. This relates to the purpose of finalizing the investment law project. “There is a series of promises to meet the distribution fairness,” he noted.

The risk of popular consultation is that it leads to a kind of approval or disapproval of Lasso’s management.

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