The National Police offered a reward for information leading to the capture of Samborondon. Photo: Screenshot / Social Network

The Ministry of Home Affairs And The police Process activated Rewards Who provided information to identify the perpetrators of the murder of a man in Samborondon. This was reported on May 22, 2022 by Alain Luna, Director of Police Investigations.

“In coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, those who assist in the investigation will be offered a financial reward of up to 5,000 5,000. Research For which the identity will be kept completely secret, ”Luna told the press conference.

Information can be obtained through telephone number 1800-crime / 1800-33 54 86 to identify the cause of the crime. Violent death.

The crime took place last Friday, May 20, in the historic Buizo Square. Jaime Fernando Villagomez, 32, arrived at the site at approximately 11:00 a.m., a commercial area.

He was at a dinner party with his partner and other friends when “an unknown person pulled out a firearm and proceeded to carry out several attacks. Explosion The cause of his death, “Luna described.

For this reason, the authorities assume that it is a “Electoral assassination“Under the guise of hired assassins.”

At the moment, they deny that the incident is related to a common crime, such as robbery.

Previous statements, others Police authorities They indicate that the person who fired the shots escaped with another person waiting on the motorcycle.

Preliminary investigation

Based on the first investigation, Luna noted that “the citizen who hunted her (Villagomez) was on the premises before she arrived today. Dead. That is what needs to be determined. We guess they knew I was going there. They were waiting for him. An investigation will determine the motive and the various reasons. ”

The case is still under investigation, so Luna refrained from giving further details because of the “absolute reserve”. Although he has already hinted Formula Which could “identify them, at least the means used to transport the victims.”

Emergencies have been declared in some cities, e.g. GuayaquilOfficials say the process works to contain a wave of violence, but that does not mean “death aggression has completely subsided.”

“The police organization, which has faced tragic incidents in Samborondon and is committed to fighting criminal violence, is continuing its investigation and is coordinating with Office of the State Attorney General To find the culprits, “said the director of police investigation.

“There is no perfect crime, the killer was aware of the activity and chose the place and time to create more fear. Effective investigation requires information to determine the intellectual author, the reason may be different, but I believe that Judicial police They will be identified, “said Patricio Carrillo, Minister of the Interior.

Salcedo case

The director of police investigations further noted that investigations have allowed sentencing against three people who took part in the killings. Harrison Salsedo, Who was a lawyer for former Vice President George Glass in a bribery case. It happened on April 28, 2021 in Quito.

He noted that the trial was held on May 20 and 21, 2022. Dario S. is assigned a Imprisonment 34 years and 6 months as co-author of the law. Elvis c. And Lewis C. Sentenced to 11 years and 4 months for accomplices.

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