No more The game Upstairs The road That Converted Inside The court Per Afternoon. The bell of the house across the street can’t be heard: the joke that left him; Nor is he seen running around the store looking for him Candy. It looked like Ronald, just 10 years old, Sensitive The Danger. “When he came to eat ice cream or lollipops, he said: ‘Sell me quickly, because I’m afraid they’re following me’ – a neighbor recalls – I think you knew Someone From him Family I was Bad move

On April 2, they saw him for the last time. That night, 12 Shots They are holes The door Of Home Which he shared with his grandmother, his mother, his younger brothers and to whom an uncle would occasionally come. “It simply came to our notice then Bomb -They say from a car in this area of ​​Block 2 of Bastion Popular They shoot If not knowing They gave Which They were looking

Shots They hit His Book Y. Also In it Grandma. Both Is that so? Hospitalized. Three days later, the portal was still covered in blood.

The Violence A in the leaves on the street Roads Children like Ronald, who are caught in the middle of an attack Indiscriminate. The The police Describes them “Bail victimAnd those who survive carry scars that could end up Transformation Inside Tough next From Delete.

In his room Urgent Of The hospital Icaza Bustamante has treated 55 children for firearm injuries in the last four years. Patricia manages the paralysis Area And count that in minutes Doctors fight For Contains bleeding And intubate them before emergency surgery.

“Chest and abdominal ulcers are the most frequent,” Parales said. As of March of this year alone we have received 15 patients, with two or three Wounds Inside Skull


The Treatment It’s long. Abdominal injuries may end Extraction From Intestine And can cause nervous problems Convulsions And affected Increase From such areas Language And Motor skills.

Is supplemented by physical therapy Emotional And Legal advice. When they get these cases, d The hospital Activate care guide Violence Order to send a notice to the public prosecutor’s office, although some parents do not do so out of fear.

The family receives social support for trying to improve Environment Which will surround the child when he returns home. Some don’t come back like Megan. He did not return to the park where he used to be To play In popular dignity, in Falkland (South) It’s next to a stall The policeAgainst whom was a 3-year-old girl Arrived By a Bullets.

On March 23, he went out on business with his mother empanadas Her grandma. There he played Sidewalk When They shoot Against a local To rent For Men Those are gone last year Jail.

“She was my only granddaughter,” lamented her grandmother. “My daughter ran to get it, but Bullets You Was there Given in her Little head

Mother prayed Motorcyclist The Carry From Hospital Teodoro Maldonado Carbo, The closest. It was Stable Y. Transferred From Francis Icaja For surgery, but did not resist; The heart stops beating in the operating room. “Now my daughter goes to the cemetery every day to see him.”

For Psychologist Annabel Arevalo, of all kinds Violence Leaves Next: Shouts Suddenly, Nightmare, Self-harm And fear is a characteristic of experience Traumatic. Also the effect of grief, when they see their parents die.

“They can grow up with an idea Weakness And that lack affects the medium and long term. The Annoyance With Society Can take them Corporate To the parties Irregularas part of ab “. Psychological support is essential for this.

Naomi will never stop crying. I didn’t do it because of the pain. Bullets What? Injured His legs Straight, Because I did not feel it; She did it after seeing her father Bloody Next to his house, in Cooperativa Patria y Libertad del Guasmo.

They didn’t live together, but one afternoon he called her for lunch. 14 year old girl prepares dishes. “They walked Y. They shoot More than 10 times – a cousin – he ran out and went back. “

His home was closed a day after the attack. Block 2 of Bastion Popular, where Ronald lived, also has doors with padlocks; They rarely look out the window, there was someone else there last month. “We pray Intimidation Everything Spirit From Death And Hitman Said a woman. And Kids We got them BoundBecause they are Death Without crime. “Now the children are alone They play Back Enclosure.

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