A car bomb exploded in front of a community surveillance unit in Guayaquil. A signal that scares the population. Photo: The Trade

Increase in Infection Of Covid-19 Cuenca and Loja warn the authorities. For this reason, the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) maintains the need to use Required Of Mask In public space.

Between May 24 and 31, Basin 341 new infections registered and Shop 32, according to data from Ministry of Public Health. In the case of the capital of Ajuaya, there were 209 cases in the previous weeks, and in Loza it doubled.

Analyzes the weekly evolution of the National Polytechnic’s Center for Mathematical Modeling Virus And its transmission on a national scale. Their statistics show that Lojai is the only province that has the highest risk of infection. Below, very high, Guas, Manabi and Pichincha and the rest register medium and low contagious statistics.

“They are not a number of concerns, but they are a matter of concern and we have taken the time to stop the potential outbreak,” said Fabrizio Riofrio, director of risk management at Loza Municipality.

Control system

Last Monday, the Loser COE ordered that in closed areas, shopping centers and public and school transport, Mask. In addition, d Live Of course Disinfectant Every day.

According to Riofrio, from April 28 – when the use of masks in the country became optional –
Goal a Extra Of Confidence Among the locals. “But after the optic report, the public is taking precautions.”

By road, park and outdoor School Most people are observed carrying Mask. “We all use it for our health in my family,” said Lozana Karina Gomez.

There are also masks Required In health facilities, Educational InstitutionsInside Work place And for people with symptoms of shortness of breath who have debilitating or debilitating illnesses.

Inside Shop On average there are six public events Mass density Every week and his assistants rarely wear a mask, no hand disinfection or physical distance.

Riofrio said that – for the time being – the municipality will continue to grant permits, but first it will analyze the protocols presented by the organizers and control the sanitary arrangements during the development of the activities.

They have warned of possible outbreaks

Cuenca and Loja also increased Demand Respiratory Triage Service. Epidemiologist Edgar Andrad said those who came to the hospital with complications were not vaccinated, the scheme was incomplete or they were suffering from other serious illnesses.

For his colleague, Marcos Molina, laxity of action and low vaccination rates could lead to a new outbreak in the coming months, when the six-month immunity for the last vaccine in an individual is over.

Minister of Health, Jimena Garjan“On repeated occasions, people who are infected and those who are vaccinated have immunity for six months, so it’s important to be punctual,” he said.

In Ajuai Province, 111,342 people over the age of 3 did not receive the first dose and the second dose exceeded 145,000. Of the 852,594 inhabitants, the application of two reinforcements is less, which is the target population.

The same thing happened in Loza (see infographic), although the campaign started in one of the provinces of the country. High doses of vaccine.

Why don’t they get vaccinated?

For Julio Molina, director of the Cuenca Health Council, this happens for a variety of reasons: People lose their fear of the virus, due to lack of comfort, false security and social commitment, especially in the 12- to 29-year-old age group.

Cuenca and Lodger have more than 150 vaccination points, which work from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday they drop in half, as people arrive less during the week and more on weekends.


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