The roofs of the offices where Radio de la CCE operates collapsed due to the weight of people rushing over the structure during the protests. Photo: Courtesy of the House of Culture

Fernando Creole. (YO)

Time Conflict Come on in Protesters Y Manpower They have registered Physical effects In the facility Home Of Ecuadorian Culture (CCE), In the north Quito. The Insulting Of Executive Decree 459 Canceled Request By The police National.

Three physical fields are affected

Its area Film ArchiveThe Radio Of ECC Y Metal enclosure They are places where physical damage is obvious. The damages were placed in a register after a visit carried out by the authorities of the organization.

“On Friday afternoon and night, the police deployed and were cracking down To enter the bomb By the four parts of the organization. “People are running around the premises,” said Fernando Seren, president of the House of Culture, on Monday, June 27, 2022. The manager mentioned that the remnants would belong to it Tear gas bomb Which could be found inside the place.

There are two fences adjacent to the park Small trees Which are on the floor, as well as on another street Homeland. There have been a few more Broken or curved.

The Roof Where CCE’s radio broke. “Looks like people ran there and lost weight,” Seren said. The composition is zinc.

The Roof Of Acrylic At its entrance Film Archive It’s broken. This, the president of the CCE said, is caused by the weight of people walking on that structure.

Cinematic director Paul Norvez assures that Audiovisual material is not affected. The Archive of the Cinematheque houses 4,759 audiovisual film resources10,063 analogs and 1,090 documentaries

Works in the archive area Heated arch Where part of the filmic material is stored. Another part has been archived on shelves in the same area.

Narvez explained that they work with it on a technical table National Heritage Institute To define a Emergency planning. The idea, officials say, is to look at options for removing film components that are not in the vault and require specific environmental conditions. Save For this, technical assistance has also been sought from international organizations.

Seren has made it clear that this has been confirmed There was no damage Is Stole Of any patriarchal property until June 27, 2022. With that, he denies Rumors About potential theft, which is promoted on social networks. This causes damage to the infrastructure The cause of the injury Among any members of the administrative staff.

The search is apparently over

Cancellation of Executive Decree 459 Request By the convenience of the House of Culture National Police.

Seren explained that last Thursday, June 23, the uniformed men who occupied the CCE facilities left the place. On the same day, d The protesters have taken over Its area Agora.

CCE authorities say they have received a document sent by the national police There was no request. However, Seren has denied the allegations.

“We have sent a number of documents to the national police where we have asked them to proceed with the order Requestation is over. Towards the end of the exceptional situation, we are waiting for the notification of the completion of the request, ”Seren said.

At the same time, the judicial process remains open in which a Security action For CCE in terms of request. Authorities are awaiting the verdict.

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