Quito’s schools once again parade along the main road in front of domestic and foreign tourists. Photo: Carlos Noriga / El Comersio

May 24, 1822 was marked by a holiday commemorating the dayEconomic reactivation In the historical center. This Saturday, May 21, the citizens took part in the parade and activities that were scheduled for the celebration. Bicentennial.

Quito’s schools once again paraded along the main road in front Domestic and foreign tourists. Businesses have also benefited from this holiday. Restaurants and cafeterias were full all morning and took the opportunity to improve Sale.

Carmen Tipan opens his place “Rincón del curamales”, from 09:00. People took the opportunity to buy Empanadas de Morocho, Pristinos, Colada Morada which is offered in this place. “I hope this holiday sales will increase, with Extreme We had to close our store and now we are reactivating. ”

Tipan says sales drop in the week because there aren’t too many people coming The Archbishop’s PalaceWhere your store is located. However, over the weekend his sales increased to $ 50. For this time Holidays As of noon on Saturday, May 21, he had already sold মার্কিন 30 between Empanadas and Pristinos.

Jose Remache arrives at Plaza de la Independence with his punch cart at 09:30. Dressed in a white shirt, black trousers, a sailor’s hat and a white apron, he was present with his clients. Students, parents have tasted it Traditional sparkling drinksOn this sunny day.

Maria Elena Hernandez’s restaurant is located Roads in Venezuela, He sells about 100 lunches a week. This situation changes when there is a holiday in the capital. On this first day of the holiday, their sales have increased by 50%. “Morning sales were low, but when Parade “People have started coming to my business and it has already helped me pay for the restaurant.”

According to Quito Tourism, 6,000 tourists are expected to arrive in the capital at this time. May 24 is a holiday. Also, the tourism sector is expected to generate 6 6.6 million in revenue.

In the various streets of the colonial center, formal and informal trade was active, with vendors supplying all kinds of goods. In the meantime, a group of people put on make-up Disney characters So that families can take pictures and gain something.

They have found an opportunity to bring bread home in this kind of work. This is what Patricia Pilapanta says, who takes a dollar for each photo and pays them in return. Balloon This job allowed her to support her two children.


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