It’s Tuesday at the La Esperanza Massacre in Tisalio, Tungurahua. A group of people sacrificed 250 guinea pigs to deliver to them Exporting CompanyWhich will send them Eee.America. Vacuum packed. Louis Pico came to this site from the parish Aloe vera10 to distribute Guinea pigs About 1,600 grams each, at a unit price of USD 8.

According to Pico, in 1972 Extreme The Customers bought The Guinea pigs In between Home. These Income Approved The solution The Bill From him Farm And repay the loan with the cooperative.

Like Pico, at least 710,000 families in the country are dedicated Reproduction Of Guinea pigsWith an annual hatchling production of 47 million for sale Family expensesAs documented by National Autonomous Institute From Agricultural research.

Projection carried out in 2016 by National Institute From Statistics Y. Census (INEC), based on Census Agriculture As of 2011, Ajuai was the province with the highest production of the animal, with 1,661,998 samples per year.

Tungurahua is the second largest producer of 1,400,000 guinea pigs, followed by Chimborazo with 1,100,000. Prefecture From Tungurhua. Them Commercialization Later Urgent Covid-19 has helped reactivate small producers in two provinces.

Despite such a huge production, Worldwide This continued home management Economic activity. “High Informality Upstairs Reproduction Of Guinea pigs Is Connected From intense Domestic activity From Rural family And marginal “. One of the conclusions reached by this survey.Developing Of Knowledge Cavia porcellus (guinea pig) ‘, published in 2021 High Polytechnic School From Chimborazo. Thus, the Ministry of Agriculture does not have official and updated statistics on the production of these animals.

A great financial help

The area around Helda Guevara’s home is in the Tres Juanes neighborhood Yanahurko Of Canton MochaInside TungurhuaThis is an example Reactivation. The site is covered with small The building, Where 3,000 guinea pigs grew. This is the hall Tradition Of WomenThis activity started in 2007. With Commercialization A part of it Animals Cover your expenses Home Or no Economic emergency.

He said that from March to October 2020 they did not sell the animals and their farm was full, however Sales have increased Inside Last NovemberBecause people The beginning A Buy a guinea pig For Presumably healing Of Covid-19. This has improved the household’s economic income from USD 150 to USD 200 per month.

Something similar happened to his neighbors, who are part of it Union From Women July 12 and including Guevara President. These entrepreneurs sell now Fair Of Sevalos Canton 150 to 200 guinea pigs per week, but the middlemen set the price. They purchase a 1,200-gram sample, priced at USD 6, USD 4. Thus, they only earn USD 2 for. To display The Products.

A very similar scenario is dedicated to the lives of those Sale Of Animals Inside Riobamba. There, r Lemon Grove AssociationCubijíes works, from the parish Reproduction Among them Animals. It consists of 10 families with more than 3,000 breeding guinea pigs.

Them Members Trade as needed Economic Which every family has Partner. The team sells 800 guinea pigs at fairs or weekly Delivery A Merchant. They suffer with loss for them Mediator Also a Challenge That they cannot transcend.

Local and export sales

Only TungurhuaGrows in at least 1,400,000 sample sheds Large, Medium Y. Slightly higherAccording to a report Technical Of String Of Guinea pigs Of Provincial Council Of Province. About 110,000 live animals are sold, discarded, slaughtered and vacuum-packed each month. The main consumer markets are Ajua, Pichincha, Imbabura and Bolivar. It is also exported Third party A America.

Jose Carrillo, Queen of the Technician PrefectureThis is the explanation Location There are more than 1,200 producers. Its work Technician Exists Train them It is Management Of Farm, Health, Reproduction, Identification And its remedy Disease And more from January 2021 to date, at least 120 producers have received training.

Gladys Garces, plant technician Kill The HopeEach one of the samples carried by breeders is responsible for the weight. Sylvia Takuri, for example, delivered 30 guinea pigs earlier this week from Tisalio (Tungurahua) in the vicinity of La Florida.

“We have a strong market because we serve more than 300 guinea pigs per week Ambato, Quito, Basin And other cities. This is a significant income Economy Of Family“In these places, a sample made of charcoal can cost between USD 16 and 25, depending on the size and the partners,” said Takuri.

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