The Meritorious body From Fireman From Guayaquil (BCBG) completed the first course in 2013 Candidate A Fire extinguisher Volunteer, which was made for 4 weeks.

In total, 87 young people got it Instructions Different Subject What? First aidProper use of equipment and Tools For Emergency (Hose, ladder, etc.), event order.

They also know Security Of Fire extinguisherPart of that is creating a team Autonomous breathingStrategies for War From Fire, Among other things. The Students They have entered Institution For Beef up The Attention From Emergency.

Training sessions were conducted targeting persons above 18 years of age and under 35 years of age crnl academy. Gabriel Gomez SanchezLocated High Polytechnic School Of Coast.

The Academy, in 2021, conducts 6 courses Applicants A Volunteer Fireman, So that 673 people participated. The session was held Mixed modeAs was done in 2020.

BCBG has informed for more information in this regard Institutional trainingCitizens can contact by phone: 3714840 ext 751-752 or email [email protected]

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