Governor of Florida, Ron DescentisThis ended on April 22, 2022 Self government What? Mundo de Walt Disney It has Orlando And that allowed the city to grow for almost half a century until it became the world capital of theme parks.

“Don’t say she’s gay” (“Don’t say gay”) is a rule that prohibits teachers, among other things, to talk to the youngest students. Sexual orientation And Gender identityAnd that’s what Democrats see as one Political revenge By DeSantis.

The governor has explicitly signed the bill, which was introduced on Tuesday and approved by the legislature on Thursday, April 21, which would remove this privilege of self-government and prevent Disney from enjoying it. Freedom to continue building in the area Around the theme park.

The “happiest place on earth” has been a special district division since 1967, a self-government that allowed it to grow until it did. Half a dozen theme parksA Sports CenterA huge one Stool, 25 hotelsHis own The police And the body Fireman And closer 80,000 employees.

All are located in 27,000 acres (approximately 11,000 hectares) of the county Osiola Y. OrangeIn the center of the state, a kind of “magic state” and practically Independent In the state of Florida.

But that dream was lost this Friday the 22nd by DeSantis, who sounds like a potential candidate White House In 2024, sign the law and criticize Disney for “lying” about the “don’t say gay” rule.

The governor described it as “provocative” that a California company was using “economic power to attack the parents of state families” and assured that it would defend itself in court against any attempt by Disney to withdraw the measure.

Political revenge?

Last month when it all started LGBTQ communityDefendants, including company employees, protested Lack of opposition Disney Group considered this against the law Extremely conservative By progressive party.

This led the firm’s management to try to persuade Desantis, who was also asked for a formal meeting to discuss the matter. But the governor knocked on the door and the company announced that it would stop making the juice Contributions For political campaigning in Florida, including the governor.

And since then the war has continued unabated.

Defendant tone

“If Disney wants to fight, they’ve chosen the wrong guy,” Descentis wrote in a message to fans this week. “I will not allow a California-based Wake Corporation to run our state.”

Republicans have shown their solid side with them Mickey Mouse And considering that Disney has benefited from “special deals for a very long time” in Florida.

Disney is one of the state’s leading employers and prepares for the public treasury USD 5 billion tax Local and state, according to local media.

Economic impact of abolition according to special district June 1, 2023 Ready Creek Improvement DistrictWhere Disney manages its hotels and theme parks.

But this dissolution may be forced Residents Orange and Osceola counties are almost a debt estimate $ 1 billion And facing Cost of service That so far Disney has paid for, police and firefighters and road maintenance, electrical systems, garbage collection and water treatment.

Mayor of Orange County, Jerry DemingsA statement from the Associated Press said that taking care of Reddy Creek’s day-to-day expenses would be “catastrophic” for their account.

However, Dissentis assured them this Friday that their “everything has been considered” and that Disney will “pay more taxes.”

It remains to be seen what Disney will do Did not rule on this law, But it is already expected that the fight will continue in court. Meanwhile, the law leaves the door open Future discussions This particular district is for restoring control of the entertainment giant.

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