Minister of Government, Francisco JimenezThe order tightened the security of the former vice president on Monday, April 11 George Glass Avoid potential leaks.

Jimenez, director of the National Comprehensive Care Service for Disadvantaged Adults and Juvenile Offenders (SNAI), Paul RamirezAnd advisers to the president Diego Ordonez They have approved the executive’s position to reject a supposed deal with Coreismo after the release of Glass.

This government has no agreement With any political organization. We haven’t found anything, “Jimenez told a news conference.

Regarding the glass case, the minister said, “We do not compromise with corruption.”

He explained the provisions issued. “Of course we are concerned, in fact today, that this government ministry has assigned responsibilities to the SNAI and various immigration authorities, including Security enforcement Mr. Glass’s. Because the worst thing that can happen to this country is the escape of this man. We are clear that this is the responsibility of the state, “he said.

According to the minister, the government wants Glass’s trial ended as soon as he returned to prison. For this reason, the decision that SNAI, the procedural team, appealed Habeas corpus On April 9, the former vice president was granted bail and the judicial decision was overturned.

Authorities acknowledged that there was a need to strengthen Legal defense. Will be the Director of Legal Sponsorship at SNAI who will lead the second instance defense.

Allegations of habeas corpus irregularities

Authorities say the writ of habeas corpus is a valid image and fits into an applicable sentence. However, they have raised questions about the method.

Avoid knowing Jimenez details Legal argument Will be used on appeal. But there he mentions it Three irregularities Related: Jurisdiction used; Manglaralto, with credentials from Diego Moscow’s versatile judge; And with the method carried.

Ordóñez assures that Glass release It does not configure any agreement, there is resentment but the resolution must be complied with and I could not advise President Guillermo Lasso that he will not do so.

“If the country expects it, it seems to me that it has been waiting for 10 years and we have criticized it,” the presidential adviser said.

On his behalf, the director of SNAI has indicated that the written sentence is awaiting proceedings with the appeal.

He said that in 2021 it was only at the central plant 150 habeas corpus applications80% of which are due to medical or health reasons.

Regardless of whether recent events affect the credibility of the executive branch, the government will move forward with popular advice. It is secondary, with emphasis on government ministers.

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