The Popular advice questions, Promoted by the government, must go through the first filter of the Constitutional Court. They will be sent before April 30, as approved by the President this Tuesday, April 12, 2022 William Lasso.

“We are working on that popular advice. I hope, before April 30, to send the first procedure, the first letter to the Constitutional Court to inform the government’s intentions, “Lasso said in his weekly link.

President with the advice of the people Implementing some amendments to the constitution And through it “strengthen the political system.”

Does not cancel Included Investment Law ProjectRejection by the National Assembly. He said that Government There are rights Submit the same law for advice.

Lasso hopes that “it is the people who determine their future, and with respectable exceptions, some drones who only take care of their personal property.

In this context, he came back Repeat its distance from the legislature. “They are, from now on I will rule as if the National Assembly does not exist.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture Has signed a চুক্ত 5 billion investment agreement with the private sectorDespite not having a bill.

1998 Constitution

The President has made it clear that he has no will Go back to the 1998 constitution Because a Constituent Assembly is needed for that path, “a very difficult and complicated process.”

Therefore, the solution is for the government ReferendumWhich does not create a “transformation into the structure of the state”.

Control of the prison system

He maintains that there was a problem with the prison Inherited from the previous government and originated from the existence of drug gangs.

“I’m making an effort, I want to fix it overnight. But they can’t ask me to solve the problem caused by the indifference of the authorities who have not even mentioned the seriousness of our problem in 10 months, ”he questioned.

He later guessed Four years into his administration, the results of his current activities are visible. Meanwhile, by December 2022, he hopes the prison system will have the necessary guides.

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