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The government will appeal against George Glass’s habeas corpus; There is an intense legal debate

The former vice president has been granted habeas corpus George Glass Has given rise to a heated debate in Ecuador. Meanwhile, the government has announced that it will appeal against the judicial decision.

Awaiting the verdict, supporters and leaders of the civil revolution began this Sunday, the first hour of April 10. Latakunga PrisonWhere Glass Odebrecht is serving an 8-year sentence for a bribery case.

Executive action

Around midnight on Saturday, the Coronadolette Communications Secretariat issued a brief statement. There he assured: “By order of the Ministry of the Presidency and the Government of the Republic, the National Service for the Attention of Freedom Prisoners (SNA) Mangalaralto will appeal against the judge’s verdict

The text contradicts another declaration by Sny, in which the organization assures that “this service, as an effective body in the deprivation of liberty centers – and with the strictest respect for the freedom of function – adheres to the judicial system relating to the deprived, J. Glass.” “

In a different jurisdiction

The truth is that this was granted by the resource David MoscosoThe judges of the multi-skilled judicial unit located in the parish of Santa Elena Monglaralto, in a province different from the one where Glass is held, produce Debate among jurists.

The release of the body or person in the literal sense of the habeas corpus and in the past, it was a feature of the granted city mayor where the prisoner was.

Article 44 1 of the Biological Act of Jurisdiction Guarantee and Constitutional Control specifies that such an appeal is “presented to the judge of the place where he was deprived of liberty.”

Issued a rule in this regard on March 24, 2021 Constitutional Court It states that “when the place of deprivation of liberty is unknown, action may be taken before the judge of the plaintiff’s residence.”

There is glass 2 sentences have been executed And everyone in Ecuador knows that he is a prisoner of Latakunga. Except for those who presented the habeas corpus in Mangalaralto and the judge who granted it (…). Glass never had his home in Santa Elena, “he said. Ramiro GarciaFormer president of the Bar Association.

He is also a lawyer Ricardo Noboa “There is no habeas corpus against the final sentence ৷ pre-independence is one thing. Habeas corpus is another. The government minister must inform the detention center where the glass is kept so that they do not break the law.”

Yes, there are examples

Lawyer Carlos Poveda He assures that this provision is appropriate for applicable sentences. “Also, the National Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court themselves have decided to grant habeas corpus, private rule or punishment. Imprisonment“For example, house arrests of people over the age of 65, including amendments to the previous year’s riots to improve disenfranchisement.”

Poveda noted that this resource should be placed where the glass was when requesting it. His self-defeating argument is that he has already met 60% of your penalty And, also, he went through some health complications.

Constitutionalist Emilio Suarez He tweeted that “cases and convictions must be reviewed. If it is true that it was granted, it is immediately met without bias. ”

The judiciary has made it clear that it cannot initiate disciplinary action against the judge who granted George Glass a habeas corpus. In addition, he stressed that “it will respect the principle of internal freedom.”

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