President William Lasso Confirmed that will be provided by Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MIDUV) and Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) Bond For those affected by the earthquake in Esmeraldas.

This was confirmed by the head of state on March 28, 2022, after his assessment visit to the province and his meeting with the authorities of the Provincial Emergency Operations Committee.

Lasso confirmed that they had reported by this afternoon In Esmeraldas alone, 196 houses were damaged42 destroyed, 6 health centers damaged, 6 education units damaged, 5 infrastructure damaged, 1 overpass bridge damaged, 804 families damaged, 1 injured and 1 died of heart attack.

This is the one carrying MIES from Monday Census of 196 habitats To communicate with the affected families and give them disaster bonds. The amount is USD 270 per family. The affected 804 families will receive financial assistance. The ministry also set up shelters, conducted brigades and provided kits.

For example, a shelter has been activated in the Louis Vargas Torres Educational Unit. Emerald. Beds are available and there are humanitarian aid kits (food and clothing).

Miduvi “has a bonus 7,500 Reconstruction, which can be done for the recovery of damaged houses. And a bonus 15,000 To build new houses for the families who have lost everything, ”the President proposed.

He instructed the two states to adhere to the portfolio Offerings Mentioned. On April 11, a new inspection will be conducted to verify that disaster bonds have been distributed and that there is a workable plan for the new home.

He assured the owners of the destroyed houses that they would not lose their land.

Governor of Esmeraldas, Tania ObandoHe said as of Monday afternoon, 26 sectors had been identified where damaged and destroyed houses were located. The figures will increase as the brigade assesses the areas, he predicts.

He said that for the time being, the damage to Alloy Alfaro, San Lorenzo, Atacamus, Quininde, Rio Verde and the cantonments of Moises has been canceled.

Christina Torres, director general of the National Risk Management Service, noted on her Twitter account that since yesterday, Sunday, humanitarian aid had been collected, including: beds with mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets. More mattresses and sleeping kits will come this Monday, he assured.

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