Oil production has fallen by 1.3 million barrels in the last two weeks. Photo: File / EL Commerce

If Demonstration Keep going, you can in two days Paralysis The Oil production This was expected by the government this Sunday, June 26, 2022 from Ecuador. Ministry of Energy and Mines Asked to be removed Measure the force

In a statement, the state portfolio indicated that VandalismThe well has prevented eclipses and road closures Transportation Supply and Diesel It is necessary to maintain its operation Oil field. Thus 48 hours are counted to suspend production.

Ministry sources said that every day Hydrocarbon sector High loss record. Within 14 days of consolidation, State of Ecuador Stop noticing around $ 120 million. “That money can go Education, health and social work“, The government considers.

The effect of declining production

“The Oil production Available Critical level. Show statistics today a Reduction Of More than 50% Of Regular production. As of June 12, an average of 520,000 barrels had been produced, ”the ministry estimated.

The Minister Of Power And mine, Xavier Vera Gruner, He appealed to all those who took to the streets Resign The To measure. “If we do not allow the passage of logistics Oil well Should be stopped Production And beyond Economic loss That is no longer representative, the impact will be on all Ecuadorians, “the official predicted.

In the last two weeks Production More than 1.3 million barrels of oil. The biggest loss Petroquador recorded was 1.06 million barrels. Similarly, 1,176 wells are closed. Of these, 996 are state oil companies and 180 are private companies.


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