Lasso presented and signed the executive decree by making the bond official in Riobamba. Photo: Twitter @LassoGuillermo

The 1,000-day bonus, intended for mothers, is focused on reduction and prevention Chronic malnutrition of the child (ICD). President William Lasso Presents the initiative on June 1, 2022 in RioBamba.

Within its structure Children’s DayLasso formally presented and signed the executive decree on the 1,000-day bonus, which would initially benefit 37,500 mothers.

Pregnant women and mothers of children under the age of two, in a risky situation, can access Economic benefits. Until the end of the four-year term, the government plans to provide bonuses to 84,000 beneficiaries.

“It will benefit children, mothers, society and the country as a whole. We’ve all won here! ” Said the President.

Bonus amount

Lasso explained that the bonus consists of a USD 50 financial aid per month To provide adequate food for children. Also, three others will be delivered: one between USD 90 and two USD 120.

An additional amount of USD 90 will be distributed Mothers That they are present in at least three controls during their pregnancy and if they register their children in the civil registry after giving birth.

When the second delivery of USD 120 will be given Children At the age of one, his mother took him under control. And the third amount, also USD 120, will be when The child is two years old And there are at least four additional controls.

“Government meetings contribute to care Children of EcuadorHowever, co-responsibility and commitment of parents is also essential for the care of children, ”the President emphasized.

The 1,000 day bonus According to the last number of the ID, it will be provided in the window of the network of payment points across the country. Also by making payments to a bank account.

Ecuador’s secretary says chronic child malnutrition is on the rise Erwin Ronquillo, Highlighting that inter-institutional work aims to protect mothers and children under the age of two from this condition. The government’s aim is to reduce DCI by six percentage points.

According to the executive, economic and social inclusion is performed by the ministry Social programs, Such as Growing With Our Children, which serves 203,000 boys and girls; And Child Development Center (CDI) for the benefit of 85,000 children.

It is hoped that within 15 days the draft law on early childhood will be passed in the legislature, which seeks to give priority to the rights of this sector of the population.

# The number of Ecuadorians in a state of vulnerability during a health emergency in Ecuador has risen from 4.3 million to 5.7 million. Story:

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