Referential image. Mark Carcamo was dancing with his partner when they were stopped by security guards at a bar in Guayaquil. Photo: Fripik

The Human Rights Secretariat ruled in the case Inequality Condemned by a GLBTI couple in a nightclub Sambrondon.

The agency called on non-governmental organizations to adhere to “regulated policies.” Constitution Republicans on non-discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation ”.

In a statement, the secretariat indicated that the organizations Condition Authorities should investigate the reported incident. “We will follow their resolution,” he said.

According to state agencies Human rights, Will remain with the critics of this information. “The Secretariat for Human Rights, through the Under-Secretary for Diversity, is ready to clarify its actions.”

The lawsuit alleges that a lawsuit was filed by one of the affected parties, Mark CarcamoWho said he was dancing with his partner when they were intercepted by security personnel at the organization.

These people told them that they should leave their place because it was not an “alternative” place and it was a two person dance Forbidden.

The matter was announced on Saturday (May 21) Twitter, Where the allegations were made public. Karkamo, a foreign national, wrote: “It should be clear that we did not kiss or behave in any way, even outside the law.”

Benefit issued a Pronunciation On their social networks. He apologized for the inconvenience, saying: We are continuing our investigation to be able to take necessary corrective action. ”

Employees offer awareness processes

Regarding what happened, the Silhouette X Association, which brings together several groups working for the rights of the GLBTI community, noted that “despite the unofficial announcement of the locals, it is important to clarify. Ecuadorian citizenship That, in any part of Ecuador, no matter how private the place, someone could be expelled because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, Section 11 No.2 Of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador “.

The group made a call to the local Vento to imitate the corrections it announced “This kind of behavior takes back what has improved in terms of the rights of our population. LGBTI”, The leaders pointed out.

They have asked Tourism Minister Nils Olsen to intervene through a tourism commission to prevent such a situation from happening again. Private space.

“For our part, we offer our entire contingent to the Vento business, in the process of raising awareness among its employees, which allows for much more. Inclusive and egalitarianWithout discriminating or discriminating against their clients, ”the Silhouette X Association noted.

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