The Atletico GuianienThis Tuesday, April 5th, 2022, was adopted by the veterans League of QuitoIn a match in Group F. South American CupIn high spirits after winning the regional tournament in the Brazilian state of Gois.

The Atletico Goanance Goan overcame an unfavorable score last Saturday and defeated Goi (s (1-3) in the final of the tournament to win the Goan Championship, where the team led by coach Umberto Luzer performed well.

Now him Guyanese Set his sights on the Brazilian Championships, Brazil Cup And South American and for that it has strengthened its workforce in recent weeks.

After defender recruitment stopped Gabriel NogaMidfielder Edson and attacker Diego stoleGoiano club forward Pedro Henrique Perotti, 24, tries to hire Chapecoins.

That’s when the Brazilian team reached the match with the title in their hands League of Quito, Champions of Libertadores in 2008 and Sudamericana in 2009, they lost 2-0 to Amelek in the local competition.

Compilation Guyana It won’t be easy, since League of Quito It has a long history in South America and the team has scored the most goals in the tournament with a total of 112 goals.

Although the league could not repeat that performance, it did win Libertadores Cup And South American, Argentina has started this year to increase the level of play with the coach Paul Marin.

Match between Atletico Goianiense and League of Quito It will be played on Tuesday at 7:30 pm at the Antonio Axioli Stadium in Guinea.

Group F was completed by Argentina’s Defense and Justice and Chile’s Antofagasta. Only the first of each group goes through 16 rounds of competition.

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