George Glass will be transferred to Prison 4 this Friday, May 20, after being admitted to Cotopaxi Prison. Photo: File / L Commerceio

The Ministry of Home Affairs It is reported that George Glass will be transferred to Prison 4 this Friday, May 20, 2022 after being admitted “for security reasons and in accordance with current regulations”. Center of Repentance From Cotopaxi at 20:40.

The company made the statement via social network at 10:34 pm on Friday. The Service for Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNI) complied with a resolution passed by the Santa Elena Provincial Court regarding the legal situation of former Vice President George Glass, the report said.

However, Sny noted that as a result of the PPL’s ​​transfer from Kotopaxi prison, other inmates “caused conflict and resistance, damaging the center’s infrastructure.”

At the moment, George Glass will be transferred to Prison 4, unknown at that time and day. The home ministry did not provide further details on the case.

George Glass enters the Cotopaxi Penitentiary Center

This Friday, May 20, 2022, the former vice president of the Republic surrendered to the judiciary after the April 10 habeas corpus was revoked.

Glass had a 40-day leave. However, he arrives by 20:40 Center of Repentance Escorted by Cotopaxi Five patrol cars Y. Motorcycles Of National Police.

A group Supporter He stood outside the center with a banner with a slogan for them Freedom.

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