Former vice-president said to restore independence George GlassOdebrecht, who is serving an eight-year prison sentence for a bribery case, made a splash on the country’s political scene this Sunday, April 10, 2022.

What happened has overwhelmed the administration William Lasso. The presidency of the republic has issued two statements following the court ruling. One where he expressed “his rejection and legal disagreement” with the judicial resolution, albeit “with due respect to the principle of independence of power.”

A second statement issued at midnight on Saturday indicated that “the president of the republic and the ministry of government will appeal against the decision of the judge of the National Service for the Disadvantaged (SNI) parish.

Francisco JimenezThe Minister of Government, reports this Sunday, April 10, that the appeal has been finalized, but later Ticket release For Glass, who was imprisoned for four and a half years for illicit intercourse and bribery.

“It simply came to our notice then George Glass EspinelAs of this date, Cotopaxi is being held at the No. 1 Detention Center and, as of today, the plaintiff has never shown that he has been kept in a separate center. ” Mangalaralto judge “It is not appropriate, depending on the region, to hear and decide on this constitutional step.”

This is how it was read in a 4-page memorandum addressed to Moscow by an organization called Sny. Judicial resolution He assured that “this service, as an executive body in the midst of the deprivation of freedom of expression – and in strict respect for the freedom of action – adheres to the judicial system relating to the prisoner, J. Glass.”

Celebrated in Correismo

Glass back to her Freedom Just before noon this Sunday, less than 11 hours after the judge’s verdict. In its outer part Latakunga Prison He was accepted by his sympathizers and several members of the Charismo Assembly: they cataloged him as a “hero”, arguing that he was “punished by force of circumstance and not by evidence.”

“Today we see the light of decency in many abuses (…). Persecution did not break the spirit of that fight, because they could not defeat anyone who never gave up. We will continue to fight for truth and justice, “tweeted the president of the Civil Revolution. Marcella Aguinaga.

The political organization organized a caravan that planned to go with him to Guayaquil, where Glass lives.

Complaint of contract

The Social Christian Party (PSC) has issued a statement to its president, James Nebot, its national president, Alfredo Serrano, and Esteban Torres, the head of the Legislative Caucus. He mentioned that this is a product of Agreement between Lasso and former President Rafael Correa.

He added that this was accompanied by a tax reform, which took effect after the Coresta bloc abstained from voting for the file. General forgiveness Some of its leaders have been granted bail due to the protests of October 2019 and the precautionary measures taken by the President of the Assembly Guadalupe Lori to stop their removal.

It was immediately rejected by Koreans living in Belgium. “Check with your ex-partner, William LassoAnd their acclaimed journalists who say the exact opposite: We have a deal with that nebot, “he tweeted.

Lasso did not speak publicly until the note was closed. He was responding to a statement from the Ministry of Communications.

Yaku Perez, A former Pachaukutik presidential candidate, commented that “once the glass is released, the agreement between Lasso and Korea” is objectionable. “The habeas corpus is for illegal detention, not for detainees Execution. The wonderful thing is he stole, spent a few years in prison and now lives like a king on people’s money, “added Perez, a lawyer by profession.

Five-legged In a statement, he maintained that “for all citizens, the agreement between Coreismo, social Christians and the government is clear” and predicted that “the next step would be the pardon of the Coreists in Mexico,” citing Gabriella Rivadaneira, Ricardo. Patiño

The Democratic left (ID), another political force with the highest representation in the assembly, did not speak immediately.

Chairman of the Oversight Committee, Fernando Villavicencio (Ind.), Noting that “now everyone wants to wash their face of the filth of complexity and silence, this constitutional state of rights hurts and annoys me. Glass and gang go to meet the rest. We are ruled by a rogue state.”

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