If one was not AgreementAt least it was aPayment From GraceIn the government William Lasso And correism. It was the foundation that later gained strength Release Former Vice President George GlassAfter staying Jail For four and a half years.

The notion was further strengthened when it was learned that government officials did not object to the hearing where Judge Dr. Tall mangroves, Xavier MoscowGranted Habeas corpus To its former vice-president Rafael Correa Y. Lenin DarkThose one served Judgment 8 years Jail For Illegal intercourse Y. Bribery.

Although both sides have denied that any agreement exists, Social Christian Party (PSC), The Democratic left (ID) Y Five-legged (Station) Agree that this cost was to be paid to the executive Law Of Tax reform Will take effect at the end of 2021, thank you Refrain Of the block correísta Union for Hope (unes)

Who will win and who will lose?

For Simon digested And things get clearer when it comes to other analysts, winners and losers. “This one Victory For him correism. Symbolically it gives you a lot of energy. On the other hand Government It’s too much Beatings And it will be very difficult to recover, “he said.

According to him, the situation left the Lasso government “very badly off” at a time when it was making preparations. Referendum. He maintained that there was another “payment of grace” when the bench was Officialism Failed to vote organizationally against General forgiveness For those involved Protest From October From 2019.

“The lack of transparency in the legislative agreement that citizens believe is an agreement between the government and Coreismo,” added the political scientist. Giuseppe Cabrera.

Peter DonosoAnother expert believes that “glass will be the new political raw material that will be measured in the coming months, as the political behavior given to its image will be the key to understanding the future.” Scenario And how at the same time a new opposition was formed between the government and Corismo. “

Future election scenario

Cabrera agrees that George Glass, whom Coreismo listed as the protagonist, will later be “a key actor”. Departmental selectionAlthough you can not participate as Candidate.

“I believe that glass is going to fill the void left by Raphael Correa and Disappearance From Andres Arau “After the election defeat,” he said.

Cabrera and his Political scientist Madeleine Molina Argue that Glass is considered a political prisoner Icon for Crismo happened with former President Inacio Lula da SilvaAbout this Brazil.

“The Image Plus Debate Of correism It was always George Glass. It’s been since 2017 because of this Uncle She was InvolvedThere was a more difficult personality, but the story they are going to tell is that a politically abused person has shown that he is innocent, although this is not legally true, “Cabrera added.

However, Molina noted that the unrest has taken the country by storm Crisis From InstitutionalityFrom Rule And MatchWhich translates to a Missing From Confidence People in Class Politics And in government.

The response of the parties


Block Head of PSC, Stephen TorresIt has been maintained that the habeas corpus hearing minutes prove that what happened to Glass is one Agreement. He noted that the service was designed to focus on freedom fighters.SNAI), Which is regulated by the government, Ripe For everything Exit From Glass. “If anyone has any doubts that the government is behind this decision, make no mistake: SNAI accepts everything.”


The Democratic Left (ID) listed it as an “amnesty agreement.” Wilma Andred, a member of its assembly, noted that “it is very clear today Agreement “It simply came to our notice then. He added that he “sees with great concern that the government has fallen into a network of pressure and blackmail.”


Pachakutik noted in a statement that “the agreement that the tax law was approved yesterday now that they come for everything, they will accept. JudgmentThe Participatory Council Citizens, regulators and all regulatory bodies. He added that “it is a matter of concern” that the court’s verdict was given after the inspection President Lasso A Tall mangroves.


The ruling Kreo movement argued that a “Agreement In all life PSC And correismAnd that “this shameful release of George Glass from prison is an expression of the agreement that has reached justice.” He denounced them as “aimed at maintaining deceptive tactics.” Impunity And to continue to create instability by creating unrest across Ecuador.


The Correismo Bench (Unes) made no announcement. But the president of the civil revolution. Marcella Aguinaga, Replied to the PSC: “The fact that the death squads are bothering them that there is some justice is nothing new. Don’t be shy. You, the partner in this deal, are accustomed to the power behind it, you have supported Moreno, you have supported Lasso, and you are trying to mislead people with lies. “

Later, Raphael Correa replied to the PSC: “Consult your former partner, Guillermo Lasso, and his Acolyte journalists who say exactly the opposite: that we have a deal with that nebot.”


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