A 54 year old woman Turned old with Burns After her daughter threw a pot of boiling coffee at her face and chest. The incident was recorded in the Canton Paraiso Norte sector QuivedoThe province of Los Rios, this Monday, April 11, 2022, was reported by local media ALDIA.

According to the version of the injured party, his 19 year old girl Insulted him To tell him to turn off the televisionSince he can’t see it, he counts.

The mother says as soon as the hot liquid falls on her Fell to the ground The product of pain and there he assures that his daughter continues to beat him.

He was transferred to Martin Icaza General Hospital. The Galen The person who treated her said that 18% of her body was affected by second-degree burns.

I gave everything for her and she pays me that way. I even stopped eating to give it to her, “said the mother, who went to the prosecutor’s office a few hours after the incident to denounce her only daughter.

He also said that the girl attacked her father. For this reason, he sought the help of authorities to protect him and the teenager to leave home.

“She has no regrets and is still there as if nothing happened. I’m afraid I will fall asleep and she will do something to me,” he said.


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