Quito Fire Department personnel rescued the girl. Photo: Twitter Firefighter Quito

A Little girl From eight years a The water is good And rescued by Quito Fire Department personnel. The incident happened this Sunday, May 22, 2022, around 3:30 p.m.

Although Drop It was more than eight meters, the little girl presented no news. The well was located on a road between Argentina and Puerto Rico San Carlos de Alangasi.

It was surrounded by a kind Metallic structure. Fire medical personnel conducted a check-up and the girl was left in the care of her mother.

Downtown Fire

Another novelty registered this Sunday, May 22, was a Structural fire In a house, on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, in the center.

The fire department said troops identified the fire on the second floor of the building and entered through the porch.

A good portion of the fire was burned Essays They were in a room.

There were no injured people and the work of cooling the red jacket and removing the debris was completed.

Similarly, the staff of the Fire Investigation Unit came to determine the cause of the incident.


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