Attorney Inigo Salvador spoke on the arguments he would put forward to request the cancellation of the habeas corpus given to George Glass. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

The The court Santa Elena Provincial Court knows that Appeal From Habeas corpus Approved George Glass This Wednesday, May 18, 2022 morning viewers installed Freedom Provided conditionally Former Vice President By a judge Tall mangroves, On April 9, it was reviewed by three magistrates.

By 9:00, visitors are settling in as planned. The judges plan to hear about 50 people who have filed appeals amigus curiae (Friends of the Court), interested to attend the hearing as a third party.

The multi-competent chamber judges of the court will decide whether to approve it Freedom Glass conditional. Or, conversely, you must return Jail.

National Comprehensive Care Service for Disabled Persons (SNAI) And of Attorney State General They have appealed Punishment on behalf of the former officer. Procurator Inigo Salvador He told the media that habeas corpus was illegal because the organization had never been notified of the hearing.

“The attorney general’s office should have been summoned for a lawsuit and a habeas corpus hearing, but it didn’t,” Salvador said. “In the process, Condition Who were the accused? Helplessness

Salvador will request that the judgment of the first instance be revoked and that Emptiness What was done, with which the politician has to go back to jail. Prosecutors estimate the hearing will last about four to five hours, as many of the summaries presented through the “Friends of the Court” appeal are “identical tenor, even with the same spelling mistake.”

Judges have directed a general prosecutor for parties of witnesses who pursue the same goals, such as guarantees. Rights Former President. He also assured Arturo Escala, militant Of the so-called civil revolution. He hopes to speak at the hearing on behalf of the eight.

Escalada said he would speak of inhumane treatment in prison, as the main argument in favor of the former president. In addition, they assure that he has served 60% of the sentence, which puts the former officer in such a situation. Pre-release.

Lecture and Marimba

Dozens of sympathizers and militants of the self-proclaimed civil revolution gathered outside the court. Guayaquil Road Of Santa Elena Canton.

A truck with a giant screen, loudspeaker and a camera mounted on top sends a truck in real time Speech Presentation with militants and Marimba music.

Meanwhile, dozens The police They guard the court. And they stopped the passage with the metal fence in the corner The building Judicial function.

At the hearing, the attorney general’s office will focus its arguments on the legal and constitutional procedures of the habeas corpus. Meanwhile, SNAI will investigate the health and treatment of the former vice president Kotopaksi Regional Jail. There are also plans to question the alleged ignorance of the Monglaralto judge where Glass was when he was released on habeas corpus, conditional release.

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