Mark Carcamo, one of the victims, described his bad experience with his boyfriend at a bar in Sambrondon on his Twitter account. Photo: arMarcCarcamo’s Twitter

Two young gays condemn that in a bar SambrondonGuass Province, May 20, 2022 was expelled for “dancing together” on Friday night.

One of the victims, Mark Karkamo, said he was dancing with his partner when they were stopped by security personnel. EstablishmentThose who told them that they should leave the place as soon as possible because it is not an “alternative” place and it is The dancing of the two men was forbidden.

The matter was reported on May 21 Social mediaWhere public complaints have been raised. Mark Carcamo revealed: “It should be clear that we did not kiss or behave in any way, even outside the law.”

“They’re kicking us out because they don’t let two lesbians dance together,” said one of the boys’ companions.

Barry said of it: “Dear customers: Because of yesterday’s events, we want to ask for it. Apologies in the case To those who have felt Affected In our installation “.

He also indicated that the organizations are conducting these activities Search Related to “taking necessary corrective action”.

The reason for the news Comments For and against couples on social networks.

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