Quito Metropolitan Public Cleansing Company (emaseus2) May 2 reported that he cTrash cans Metallic in the area adjacent to Simon Bolivar Avenue, south of Quito.

According to Emasio, these 1,100-liter containers were placed in “critical places” due to the accumulation of garbage that was a source of infection and disease.

The areas where the metal deposits were kept are:

  • La Floresta Viewpoint.
  • Algeria Bridge.
  • Entering United Town.
  • Entering the castle at the Virgin del Season.
  • Colonial Quitos.
  • Entrance LA pedestal.
  • Entering and ascending San Martin.

Emaseo will set up a new project

Entity will request to control the process for making a draft ordinance Individual collection Collection, transportation, settlement of fines and for Waste recyclingBy setting up recyclable waste storage and collection points at the foot of sidewalks across the Metropolitan District of Quito.

The project was announced by Emaseo’s general manager, Francis Poveda, 2021 in liability which occurred last Monday, April 25th. In Poveda’s speech, he said it was essential to have the services strengthened Citizen Contribution To facilitate the work of ‘Blue Soldiers’.

Currently, Quito has 22 different collection services in its vicinity: Quito Tennis, Balcones del Norte, Montessori, Ciudad Jardin, 23 de Mayo, Jacaranda, San Juan, Mariscal Ayakucho, El Virgil, Miravalle, Pilagua, La Mariscal, Quitumbe, La Carolina, República del Salvador, Cumbayá Casco Histórico, Iñaquito Alto, El Bosque, Gonzáles Suárez and Coruña.

Epmmop works on the pedestrian bridge at Loma de Puengasi. Check out the alternative route: https://bit.ly/3MM5cTT

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