Armed forces and police are patrolling outside the Littoral Penitentiary pavilion to deal with the violence at that prison in North Guayaquil. Photo: Courtesy of the Armed Forces.

As a first step The peace process It is defined in this way by the four organizations opposing the control of prisons in the country. The The band In a joint statement, they expressed their desire to move towards the voluntary peace of prisons at the national level.

Criminal cycle Tiguerons, The wolf, Chone killers Y. Latin kings Signed the document, presented this Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Guayaquil.

Declaration has reached the Penitentiary Dialogue and Pacification Commission Paul RamirezDirector of the National Comprehensive Care Service for Disadvantaged Adults and Juvenile Offenders (SNAI).

The meeting was held at the center of the Guass government Guayaquil. Ramirez indicated that five months ago they began outlining strategies to build trust around the dialogue, which translates into this first step in preventing violence.

Leaders read the manifesto

The commission has submitted Videos of leaders Among the parties reading the manifesto. “We firmly believe that this will lead to a peace process The table of remorseful dialogue”, Read the document. At the same time, they are open to expanding dialogue with other groups.

The parties denied the involvement of international organizations in the war inside the prison. And they assure you that the conflict started with injustice, choice and, above all, Abuse by the opposition Allied with the organization.

Also want their cooperation National Government And participation is required Catholic Church For Neutrality. They also hire mediators Claudia GarjanOne of the commissioners.

The Executive Created Dialogue Commission Facing punishment and pacification through decree Prison crisisAnd the commissioners have completed four jobs in six months. However, if his term expires, his term should be extended by June 18. Although depending on that decision Official assessment National.

However, the spokesman of the commissionAlfredo NorvezRecognize that the initial perception of moving towards a possible peace does not compromise the system New facts.

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