The Chancellor From Ecuador, Juan Carlos HolguinThis Thursday, May 6, 2022, the accused’s position has been ruled out Belgium On request Refund From Rafael Correa. Request not yet sent Ecuador.

“All I read was a communication from a public relations firm or a Korean lawyer. I’m not going to comment on the Ecuadorian government’s high-level talks with the Belgian state government, which is at their best. The important thing is to mention that there is no oppression of justice in Ecuador, “said Holguin.

This is according to a press release issued by the law enforcement team this Friday Christoph MerchandBelgian lawyer Former President of Korea.

The document points to Belgium’s supposed position against Ecuador’s intentions, which began the extradition request process in April.

“Belgium’s Ministry of Justice has now confirmed that it will not comply with Ecuador’s extradition request, but will also refuse to cooperate with ‘Ecuadorian justice’ in the framework of the political process,” the text said.

The press release further claims that Belgium will recognize that Criminal case Open against Korea was “against the right to a fair trial. Violations of fundamental rights were so serious and public that they justified the granting of political refugee status by European countries on 15 March.

The Chancellor has ratified that it is required by every citizen Ecuadorian justice “She is OK. And more so, in the presidential government (William) Lasso These incidents did not happen, these are the previous government. So he insisted that there was no such oppression.

Punishment file

The National Court of Justice (CNJ) must be sent Translated documentation Per language French So that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays its role.

But, “There is no invoice yet. We will transfer it as soon as the request is sent to CNJ, ”the official said. They did not confirm whether it was official. Shelter That highlights the former president’s defense.

“The Belgian Council for Refugees and Stateless Persons are completely independent. And respecting them, we didn’t even investigate. We have no interest in persecuting anyone. We are just a channel for the transfer of judicial information, “he assured.

“We do not know what the situation is in Korea,” he added.

The extradition of Carlos Polit

The Former moderator Carlos Polit Meet Handcuffed In the United States, he is being investigated for money laundering.

“It simply came to our notice then No refusal to returnThe State Department expects the former official to respond to U.S. authorities “until the United States authorizes his extradition,” Holguin said.

The extradition request will be transferred immediately, when the judge in Ecuador sends the request, in other cases as he has mentioned.

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