Japan Has identified the first case Covid With variant omicron XE Among the unaccompanied women who landed at Tokyo Narita Airport from the United States on March 26, the Ministry of Health said.

The woman, in her thirties and who received the guide Two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine Developed by Pfizer, did not present any symptoms and gave the regulator a negative test for entry into Asian countries, but his test at the airport gave a positive result.

The Patient According to authorities, he was isolated in a residence designated by government authorities until his quarantine was completed.

Its genetic sequencing analysis National Institute of Diseases It has been determined that the female specimens are compatible with the omicron XE variant, a combination of the original strain BA.1 and the subvariant BA.2, which occurs when one compresses both at the same time, and more. InfectiousAlthough its severity is under study.

“More needs to be collected Information To determine the characteristics of its spread and the severity of the disease. We will closely monitor its movements Mutations And we will test when we have access to scientific information and monitor the situation in other countries, “Japanese government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said at a news conference today.

Matsuno mentioned that they will stay Be carefulThe case was identified at the airport, “but has not yet been identified in Japan” at the community level.

The Japanese archipelago is “currently in a period of transition to normalcy” after the lifting of the anticoagulant system in mid-March, said Matsuno, who assured that authorities were following the evolution of the epidemic situation in the country, where Kovid’s declining case has stalled.

More than 337,000 new covid cases were recorded in Japan last week, a slight increase over the previous week.

Since the onset of the epidemic, more than 7 million infections and 28,697 deaths have been reported in the country.

The combined omicron XE variant was first identified in the UK last January. As of April 5, about 1,100 cases of the variant had been detected in that country, accounting for less than 1% of infections in the region.


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