On Tuesday, the Finnish parliament approved by a large majority the country’s request to join NATO. Photo: EFE / Maury Ratlinen

Eduskunt or Finnish Parliament Country application for admission approved by a large majority NATOThis Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Which was officially approved by the coalition government led by the president, Sully Ninisto, and the prime minister, Sanaa Marin, on Sunday, May 15.

The Historical decision, Ending Finland’s nearly eight decades of non-alignment. After two days of intense fighting, it received 188 votes in favor and eight against Parliamentary debate Which on Monday the deputy spoke for fourteen more uninterrupted hours.

As expected, the application for admission was approved by a majority of all political parties. Be included Left AllianceWhich traditionally opposes NATO, although the vote in this formation was divided.

Ahead of the final vote, Eduskunta’s Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously backed Finland’s entry into the alliance. Considering that this is the “option given by” Increased protection Extra possible.

Another influential parliamentary committee on this issue, that Defending, A week ago, also supported Finland’s entry into NATO To be the “best solution for security” in the Nordic country in the face of the threat of neighboring Russia.

Write and send from the Finnish Parliament

Following the approval of Eduskunter, the Finnish government is expected to draw up a plan for Sanaa Marin. Application Send to President Ninistিস্ত for formal NATO membership and its signature.

Niinistö performs one this Tuesday and Wednesday On an official visit Neighboring Sweden, whose government on Tuesday signed its own formal application to join the coalition.

NATO is a very close partner but not a member. The purpose of the two Nordic countries is to present both requests simultaneously at NATO headquarters this Tuesday or Wednesday. Alliance In Brussels

Upon receipt of the request, NATO will invite Finland and Sweden In order to discuss the terms of accession, which is expected to be very brief, both countries meet established criteria.

Meetings and disagreements

After the alliance’s approval, it will approve the entry of 30 member countries. A process that until a few days ago seemed like a simple formality but can be complicated by sudden opposition TurkeyWhich accuses Finland and Sweden of seeking asylum. “Terrorists“Kurdish.

President Ninistিস্ত and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson will visit on Thursday, May 19. Washington. In order to meet the President AmericaJoe Biden, to address their NATO candidates.

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