Artem Severiukhin has been sacked by his team for gestures after winning a race in Portugal last weekend.

Artem Severukhin Portugal's Portim is also raising his hand on the podium of the circuit.
Artem Severukhin Portugal’s Portim is also raising his hand on the podium of the circuit.The FIA.

Victory for the Russians Artem Severiukhin In a round of the European Karting Championships in Portimao Circuit (Portugal), he has gone into the background due to his controversial celebration on the podium. The 15-year-old driver, who walks under the Italian flag due to restrictions imposed on his country’s athletes, is being investigated by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) after saluting the Nazis.

While playing the Italian national anthem, the Russian runner placed his hand on the left side of his chest, pounded his heart hard and raised his arm to the front, outlining a smile. The video has traveled on social networks and received harsh criticism from fans.

The FIA ​​said Monday that “An immediate investigation is open into the unacceptable behavior of Artem Severukhin, which took place at the OK category podium in the first heat of the 2022 European Karting Championships.“Besides, I will report back to them soon.”

However, the pilot denied the allegations in a video posted on Instagram, saying “he was just celebrating the victory with his friends and family, who were in front of the stage.”

Serious bans

Despite the driver’s apology, his team has decided to cancel his contract. “Ward Racing Artem sees no possibility of continuing cooperation with Severihukin and will cancel his contract.“, Reveals.

He is not the first Russian elite athlete to engage in similar behavior since the start of the Ukraine war. Gymnast Dr. last month Ivan Kouliak During a medal ceremony at the World Cup in Doha, the symbol of Russia’s support in the war was ‘Z’. Kuliak did not back down and said “they started it”.

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