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Wife, daughter and son-in-law of the technical director of Ecuador, Gustavo AlfarOr, they appeared at the Monumental Stadium on March 29, 2022, to cheer him on in the final qualifier against Argentina.

During the preview of the meeting, Alfaro’s family saw a banner that read: “Always with you – your trident. Mom, Agass, Jose. “

Alfaro’s daughters are called Josephina and Augustina and his wife Daniela Pignolo.

Similarly, during the celebration at the end of the game, the Argentine strategist offered some words for the classification for Ecuador fans and for his family who were with him in the stadium.

“I have a family, somewhere in the stadium that has come from Argentina to support me. They have been there for 30 years.”

Ecuador Qatar qualified for 2022 two dates earlier, in fourth place with 26 units. Other classified South American teams are: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay And Peru Those will play in the playoffs.

Similarly, the strategist noted on March 29 that they would have six warm-up matches for the World Cup, “almost certainly three in the United States, probably two more in Europe and one more before the World Cup begins.”

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