Thanks to the ability to give everything unconditionally, Family Magazine Will be posting this Sunday
May 8, 2022, a Special editionWith different life stories of mothers in Ecuador.

This tribute began with a special element: it was interactive. The idea was that the content contained in the magazine would guide readers. So it was.

The work started on April 8 through multiple choice surveys on the website Trade.

Readers were responsible for completing the sentence “Activate a mother mode in 2022 …”.
All the answers were read and the ten most voted left. It outlines the characters to look for in the interview.

Teamwork for Mother’s Day

The work has progressed with the search for mothers with these features. The result was 10 life stories.

Each shows how to deal Motherhood What do these women have? These are stories full of love that drives them to face their families every day to support them, without forgetting themselves and their careers.

The magazine also looks at home preparation when they expect a baby to arrive. That is why a family in the capital has opened the door of their house to the journalists and shared their love for the new member.
After that communication, it became clear that other family members, such as grandparents, uncles and other relatives, also felt parental concern for the new member before birth. In this case, the child is a symbol of reunion.

Delivery time

There must be a specific moment for the birth of a special child. Sharing distribution minutes with readers is a challenge that involved several days of coverage.
The team, consisting of a journalist and a photographer, had to wait for the delivery mothers to enter the Isidro Ayora Maternity Hospital in Quito, and to follow the protocol required to enter the operating room with one of them. They were successful and thus, it was possible to get accurate images and stories of life’s miraculous events during the caesarean section. Stimulates work and generates nerves.
The results will be seen on Sunday with the cooperation of the doctors, nurses and members of the health workers of the health building.
Another example of women’s strength was seen after becoming mothers in the same hospital. The Kangaroo Plan operates there, a care strategy for premature babies and to maintain skin-to-skin contact.
Mothers hold their babies for long periods of time so that they feel their warmth and thus continue their growth. This is another example of his devotion.

# May 8 is Mother’s Day in Ecuador. Organizations offer discounts, promotions and rewards. Https://

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