Residents of La Libertad visited temples in the homeland and talked about the legacy of work in the sector. Photo: Diego Palero / EL Commerceo

For chaquiñán, The banner of Escuela Mexico in their hands. Enrique Guaranda goes back to the days when he survived Battle of Pichincha There was a priority, including a pilgrimage from San Rock Liberty SummitWhere an obelisk rises, between the visible and the hidden, on one side of it Motherland templeQuito Center.

School day evening. At 1:30 p.m., not May 24, but May 23, they organized themselves March. They did the same Students From the rest of the school in the area. Enrique has lived in Paris at the foot of the battlefield between 60 patriots and royalty in his 67 years.

On a site consisting of 13 neighborhoods, the document is present and nourished by stories woven into the surroundings, as it were. Grave From Warrior, With white stone as hallmark. There are those who say that they have built their house. There is no news of bones, but there are objects like bayonets.

In Liberty Parish -Where the 2001 census reported 29,320 inhabitants and 2010, 28,376-, Enrique reported another. War: Get service with Mingar.

Added to the story is Rosa Vallejo, 68, who came to the sector 40 years ago, when everything was mountainous. In TopWhile there MuseumTheir children and grandchildren have learned about the fight.

In place, other events, such as two Landslide, Enrique’s brother Jose Lewis also claimed life. They happened in 1972 and 1973, the man recalls, when he was walking with Rosa to the obelisk, where Bicentennial Arrangements were made, as in the vicinity of the temple, by the work of the architect Milton Barraguna Dumet.

That story remains Liberal tour, Organized by the Chakiñan UIO joint to La Sima at La Colmena. One of the five promoters in Guadalupe. They have been at the end of each month and eight years. It includes Memories From the neighborhood

Guadalupe has lived in the area for over 40 years and remembers that about 15 years ago, on May 24, they woke up to the sound of artillery fire, temples and castles in Fatherland. Ban.

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