The European Union (EU) for 2.6 million To cooperate By the way Urgent In Effort To relieve Prison crisis Through the country Training Y. Tools From Classification From Captive.

“It simply came to our notice then Money From UrgentOne with 2.5 million euros Specific project What’s going on The beginning A Leave Director of July 1, 2022 Activities Of the community Help against The Transnational Organized Crime (Contract), Xavier Coscar.

He did it on occasion The first conference From Consensus For Prison crisis Inside Ecuador Who organizes Activities Of the EU, in QuitoThe first such incidents occur Latin America Since this device was launched in 2018.

Excessive crowds and lack of classification

According to Analyst European two Problems Strictly Related At the root of the crisis is the plague Prison systemWhere about 400 prisoners have died in the last two years Collision Come in The band Rivals: Excessive crowds and scarcity Classification In Prison.

That project will be launched Brussels With Money From Urgent It is precisely based on improvement Classification Prisoners, on the one hand, and Training Y. Specialization Actors in the sector pententiaryOn the other hand, “to provide a Quick answer

Cousquer, however, admits that, in spite of that Europe Classification of prisoners Function From him Profile Some issues CurrentInside Latin America What will be desirable for it will be “according to him Belongs to Still Organized teamBut he runs into Crude reality Of Too crowdedLack I meanThe Corruption And extremely Punitive With Sorry From Jail.

“This is it Impossible When 50 or 100 enters every day Private From Freedom More ”, he admits, recalling that between 2000 and 2020 Prison population From Ecuador 300% increase, ”is really a figure Can’t eat For any country in the world.

Decrease the prison population

That approach is different Construction From New prison Every time it flares up Violence Or guess a The new governmentConsider that with Cousquer Exists It could be Check The ConditionAs long as “it Set up pavilions Heat well to make Institution From Maximum security

In parallel, it supports Decrease Excessive crowd by Increase From Alternative arrangements Per Deprivation From Freedom.

“We forgot Collectively That Deprivation Of Freedom What is he? The last resourceEL assures the director of PacCTO before emphasizing that “it cannot happen Punishment only

According to the latest information Convenient For him Ecuador prison service (SNAI), d Prison population In September 2021, there were 38,700 prisoners in 36 detention centers Deprivation From FreedomWith a capacity of 30,000.

The Too crowded It was 28% then, though Punishment From GuayaquilThe most visible Bloody carnage62%, which was released by the authorities, who started in December Pilot plan Make one Prison census. The government is also accelerating Sorry For 5,000 prisoners Reduce traffic congestion.

Part special Accelerated extra crowds There was a product, accordingly ExpertsThe last Penal rules Approved in 2014, which has increased Punishable offense With Deprivation From FreedomWhich is added that Judgment Is Increase Its opinion Preventive imprisonment And more than 40% of prisoners were not convicted.

Training and safety

The EU also offers to work. “Protocolization“In Prison Through training and knowledge of successful experience, after observation “lack Inter-institutional coordination“On the system Social rehabilitationEspecially in the case Juvenile delinquency.

Also, it matches Diagnosis Mentioned by recently Inter-American Commission From Human rights (IACHR), that requires more Prison guards Who will provide training.

Recent Explosion Registered Nearby From Center of RepentanceSome of them, even associated with drones, show power Criminal gang In Ecuador

With respect Crazy Which imitates the models of countries like Mexico Penetration Of Posters Of Drugs And where Prison violence Extend the bar, cousquer Urges to strengthen International coordination Why is that International events Which cannot be attacked only from a national point of view. “

“We have to attack more Methodical Resources CriminalMuch more efficient than sending people Prison“, He concludes.

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