The number of people affected by the 6.0 magnitude earthquake recorded in a coastal area on Saturday night, March 26, 2022 Emerald The amount of 804, indicated this Monday, March 28, 2022 National Risk and Emergency Management Services (Blood).

According to SNGRE records, at least one person Is dead Another person was injured in a natural event due to cardiac arrest.

The service added that there were 332 The victim For him Trembling In Esmeraldas, which will remember six years of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake next month, which was centered in the province WomanAnd it was felt in many parts of Ecuador.

A total of 42 houses were destroyed and 214 damaged, 6 public properties were damaged, as well as 6 Health center And the same number of education units and a bridge.

Its team Blood A Temporary accommodation In a coliseum of an education unit with the provision of beds, mattresses, pillows and other sleeping equipment, to accommodate the affected families in need. Earthquake Emerald

Meanwhile, at the same time Ministry of Economic and Social InclusionThe Esmeraldas fire extinguisherThe The police And MilitarySNGRE reports that it is proceeding with a preliminary assessment of the need to assess the impact on homes in the San Rafael area of ​​the Esmeraldas canton.

At 11:26 pm, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook the city. EmeraldIn the provincial capital, there have been more than fifteen aftershocks, including one measuring 5.1

There is Ecuador Belt Or of the ring Fire The Pacific Ocean, which concentrates some of the most important subduction zones in the world, and the scene of strong seismic activity.

Also EcuadorThe BeltWhich consists of a large number, shaped like a horseshoe Countries Such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA & Canada

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