The Ecuadorian Red Cross announced on February 25, 2022 that it would use the restored FamilyLink program (RCF), In view of the emergency situation caused by the Russian invasion UkraineWhere there are dozens of Ecuadorians.

Its goal Ecuadorian Red Cross cThe program helps people in Ecuador communicate with their relatives in Ukraine.

RCF is a program that exists in the Ecuadorian Red Cross and is active in such situations. Mobility Human. However, a protocol was developed to assist the Ecuadorian community in the face of armed conflict.

A delegation from the Red Cross met with the Foreign Minister today Juan Carlos Holguin To outline actions.

The organization is ready to provide support, in addition, “It must be accompanied by psychosocial support to support the family. We are already coordinating with the foreign ministry, “he said. Juan Carlos Vizcara, Secretary of the Ecuadorian Red Cross.

Both cases registered by the Ministry of External Affairs and others which have not yet been registered and will be resolved by direct contact with the entity.

Channel of communication with the Ecuadorian Red Cross

In Ecuador, the national telephone line has been activated to restore communication between family members: +593 98 595 6683 and email address [email protected]

To provide 24-hour day care, telephone lines are activated in some provinces: Azuay (+593 988369363), Esmeraldas (+593 994575797), Imbabura (+593 989283247), Loja (+593 9856603247), Loja (+59) . / +593 986874433), Pichincha (+593 986854579), Tungurahua (+593 9861151443), Santo Domingo (+593 988197143), Sucumbios (+593 997197143), Sucumbios (99)

In Ukraine, citizens of Ecuador who are there and are at risk of losing contact with their relatives can contact the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the telephone line +380 443927600 or the emergency line 0 800 300 155 and email kyi_kyiv.

Protocol steps

The procedure for providing assistance in each case consists of five steps.

The first step. The Ecuador Red Cross will verify that the person requesting assistance is a direct relative (father, mother or brother / sister) living in Ecuador. And for 12 hours they lost family contact because the RFL was activated after that time.

If this is the case, then the relative’s residency information in Ukraine must be provided. Also provide the person’s last date, time and location in Ukraine.

The second step. There is a telephone line operated by the Red Cross and a post office. Confirm the applicant’s interview information.

The third step. The case will be referred to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for activating Ecuador’s Red Cross investigation. ICRC staff in Ukraine.

The fourth step. The ICRC informs the Ecuadorian Red Cross of the progress of the investigation, “with complete confidentiality,” Vizcara said.

Fifth step. By contacting the applicant again to report the progress of the Ecuador Red Cross investigation, it will be continued as soon as the information becomes available.

The representative of the Ecuadorian Red Cross said that the activation of a humanitarian corridor depends on the management between governments, while the departure routes are established, “at that time we will provide all assistance and support through the CIRC”.

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