Referential image. According to the prosecutor’s office, the convicted driver pushed the teenager off the road for raping her on a school bus. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

Fasto Andres CR faces up to 29 years and four months in prison ViolationA criminal against Teenager In 2018 in Quito.

The convicted person worked as Md Driver Of a Live Of transportation School. This was reported by the Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, more than three years ago Men raped A 12-year-old girl when she was carrying him The victim Back to your home.

According to the report of the Public Ministry, November 9, 2018 at approximately 7:56 pm when the accused was driving. Live School transport in place of the main driver.

Has removed the convicted person from his path

“That night, Route He then left the victim at his home Different. The man Dizziness The teenager had to take advantage of this fact to stay. The final destination was its parish Calderon (Quito) But the bus did not stop at his house, as usual, but a Unknown site For the victims, “he said.

In the expected testimony reproduced at the trial, the victim stated that her assailant took advantage of the fact that they were alone, locked the door, grabbed her by the hair and Violation It is Seats Behind the bus.

Further evidence against sex offenders

The evidence presented by the prosecutor’s office was added Testimonials Of Mom Teenager, of Legal medical specialistOf a doctor Gynecologist Who treated the teenager after the rape and is a psychologist from the prosecutor’s office.

In addition, a result Biological skills Which determines the presence of fluid in the victim’s body, whose genetic profile matches that of the accused.

Evidence quoted by this body Prosecutor Silvana Asimbaya At the trial, the court not only sentenced her to the maximum penalty for rape, but also applied it to a growing case in which the sentence was increased by one-third.

Dr. conducted the investigation of the case Prosecutor Galeano Balcazar, Special Inside Violence From Gender.

Another case is under investigation

The sentencing comes at a time when the prosecutor’s office has filed a rape complaint against a citizen. College students in a school transportation unit. According to the investigation, the accused Md The victim The school he attended Quito. He used to do this at one stage of the journey Sexual harassment.

Fiscal agent of the case asked the judge to issue Preventive imprisonment Arrested in early May in the Amazon region against Darwin Kleber JF succumbsBorder with Colombia.

An arrest warrant has been issued against the suspect for rape. The prosecutor’s office noted that after learning of the events that took place on April 21, 2022, it began a preliminary investigation. At the same time he requested to grant them Measurement Such as the accused’s prohibition on trying to approach victims, witnesses and certain people.

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