Dolphin Wants to fight for the stage. Humanity They beat Orens 2-1. This is May 7, 2022, and has climbed six places on the table.

It was an irresistible start for the locals. After 12 minutes, the people of Machale opened the book and could not decipher the game of humanity. Through John Gyro Sifuent.

The striker scored after a good joint game born in the middle of the field. At the endServed by Juan Diego Rojas To the right, Cifuente to define with a cross shot.

The same striker had another clear option but goalkeeper Silva defended the head-up, in the same action, Jenner. Corozo failed to rebound.

As soon as the first half hour of the game was over, the cetaceans extended the register. Again a concerted action destroyed Oren’s defense, this time to the left.

A wall between Chikaija and Corozo ends up breaking down the protective wall; Served later Rojas pushed the ball into the netThe delirium of those who were present at the Mantar Jocke Stadium.

The trend was maintained in the second half, a Dolphin is pressed and Orens is trying to control. At 66, Sifuente missed an incredible goal, without a mark; His shot misses far away from the left steep side.

15 minutes left, Judge Augustus Aragon Approve a fine in favor of machaleƱos. Edson Montao went to collect and gave a discount For inspection

With this result, Manabytes is temporarily located in the third box of the stage, waiting for the games. League of the Valley Independent, Quito and Emelek.

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