An undermining affects one lane of the Amazon trunk Photo: Twitter ECU 911

Integrated Security Service ECU 911 This Wednesday, May 18, 2022, reports that the Amazon trunk has a depreciation, which reduces the size of a lane. East

El Tesoro in the province of Morono Santiago – right in the Logrono division. ECU Ecuador’s National Risk and Emergency Management Service (ECU)Blood) And the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP)

One of the reasons for this devaluation is Rain Similar to the last day, on Tuesday, May 17, the MTOP reported an increase in the flow of the Upano River, which restricted traffic on the Makas-Puyo road. Ministry staff in this sector have worked to achieve a temporary measure.

The Makas-Riobamba road, in the Junak sector, presents a slide of stone material, so the workers in charge carry out the cleaning work. Authorities suggest an alternative route: Makas-Suku-Seipa-Sevilla Don Bosco-Puyo.

Other damage to the road in Loja and Zamora Chinchipet

MTOP works on road slope stabilization Loja-Malacatos, Nagora Sector. Due to landslides on the road.

On Tuesday, May 17, Ministry staff worked to remove landslides, clear and horizontal signals on the Zamora Chinchip provincial border road – Sabanila-palanda.

#Quito | It is advisable to drive carefully due to wet roads. This is the weather forecast for this Monday, May 16.

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