Every April 13th, the country celebrates Teacher’s Day, marking the birth of Juan Montalvo. And while it is not new to say that education is a pillar for the progress of a country, for individuals and their environment, for social mobility, it needs to be said again and again: Ecuador needs a quality education that prioritizes values. And this can only happen with adequately trained teachers to achieve these objectives.

The decision to become a teacher stems from a profession that includes a sense of love for children and young people. The teacher has a responsibility, which is to arouse the curiosity of the students, but it is important to do it with passion and passion. The teacher is the one who knows how to talk to the family, empathizes with them and gives them the peace of mind that they need to know that their children are on the right track.

And now, more than ever, the country needs to promote education and restore citizenship and civic education. In almost every sphere of national life, the teaching of values ​​according to the country is essential in this moral decline. It is not a matter of instinct, but of understanding together what teachers, students, families, the country lacks and suffers. We also need to understand the qualities that make us proud to feel part of a populated place called Ecuador.

And for that, quality, well-prepared, well-paid teachers are needed and decisions about their salaries are not just politically motivated. But it also requires an education system that allows children’s creativity. Teachers have complained about bureaucratic times that they have to spend to fill out forms. No one denies that planning is absolutely necessary, but they say it takes time to think about a class that students deserve.

Teachers now deserve a higher social value than that. Although errors, mistakes and even personal problems, teachers as a policy to work towards the development of children, they prepare for their future, which, above all, the future of the country.


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