Unexpected curfew ordered by Peruvian president, Peter CastleFor the province Lime And its neighbors Callao This started on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, except, still, has been Arrests or violations have been reported.

Was taken by measurement Council of Ministers In response Carriers strike This turned into a week this Monday, a day when some of the country’s highways experienced certain and temporary cuts.

Official decree

“The Cabinet has approved a declaration of civil unrest (curfew) from 02:00 am to 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 5 to protect the basic rights of all people, which will not interfere with the provision of necessary services. The president said Castle In a speech a few minutes before midnight.

Also, Has declared a state of emergency in Lima and Callao, “Suspension of constitutional rights relating to liberty and personal security, inviolability of home and freedom of assembly and movement.”

Dr. expressed surprise at the announcement of the President 10 million rubies Even a large portion of the citizens did not immediately find out about the measure, since, when it was contacted, many people were already resting.

Ideal only Instability Exemption from health care workers, water, sanitation, electricity, fuel, telecommunications, cleaning, funeral services, freight and freight transport.

In addition, it is only allowed Attention Of Pharmacy And Properly recognized press workAs well as integration for medical emergency care.

“Employees in the public and private sectors only work remotely in accordance with regulations in this regard,” he concluded.

Useful feedback

For this reason, Immediately generated a majority rejectionIncluding its president CongressOpposition leader Maria del Carmen Alva, who said on Twitter that Castillo could not “obstruct congressional operations” under the constitution.

He declared that, for this reason, d Legislative “It will continue today, Tuesday, with the agenda set for April 5.”

Even Congresswoman Play cigarsOn behalf of the Alliance Together for Peru, a general ally of the government, addressing the President, noted that “practically being in the middle of the night does not mean an unwelcome move, it does not answer any solution and it will affect all workers who get up early for their daily work.” . “

The decision Executive Social network rumors about possible were taken in a wave Demonstration And Looting On Lime This Tuesday, carriers after a week-long break due to rising fuel prices.


Time Carrier protestAnd where other trade unions have joined, four have died in the aftermath of the blockade, and twenty more have been arrested.

Although Executive The Peruvians have decided to exempt petrol and diesel from selective consumption taxes until next June, justifying the curfew for the “acts of violence that some groups wanted to create” with the blockade of free transit in the provinces of Castillo Lima and Calao.

The ruler didCall for calm, serenity“And it has been made clear that social protest is a constitutional right, but it must be done” within the framework of the law, respecting the integrity of the people, as well as public and private property. “


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