In a joint operation between the National Police and the Metropolitan Public Passenger Transport Company, nine people were arrested in the Ecovia unit.

Alloy Alfaro District Police spokesman Lt. George Martinez noted that Operative Carried to the transport unit, it was possible to identify those who have worked jointly Product theft To passengers.

Arrest of suspects

That’s what Martinez mentioned Involved They were placed under the direction of the authorities and will be tried for the crime of illicit intercourse.

The man in uniform noted that during the operation, They found Among the items were 12 cell phones, 2,000 2,000 in cash and clothing. Among those arrested, Md Five women and four men.

Christian Seren, the company’s security coordinator, said Operative Which will be conducted jointly with the National Police, the Army and the Metropolitan Police.

The official reminded the citizens that there is 250 security guards At various stops and stations. In addition, they should be careful with their belongings.

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