Those judges will be on Thursday, May 5, 2022 Of managers To know Case Former Vice President. Magistrates will be given eight days to make statements.

The magistrates are Silvana CaisedoCourt reporter and president of the provincial court; Claver Franco Y. John Camacho. They may or may not change the measures directed at George Glass on 9 April.

Inside Judicial Guarantees and Constitutional Control ActThere will be one in court Expiration Eight days, until May 16, from Pronunciation.

Aldrin Gomez, a constitutional lawyer, noted that, accordingly Article 24 Jurisdictional guarantee, the appellate authority must resolve all documents in the process within eight days.

Glass look

May 3, go glass Guass Provincial Court To appear before the President and to meet one of the requirements of the habeas corpus.

SNAI has appealed against the decision of Judge Diego Moscow, who has been suspended due to another judicial decision. The argument at the time of the appeal was that there was no judge Skills To deal with habeas corpus because it is beyond his jurisdiction.

Gomez commented that the same paragraph 24 indicates that the judge may order The practice test is new.

In the first instance, SNAI representatives were not present Argument against the request Habeas Corpus, they complained Review the health certificate Presented by Glass (on the basis of which he was at his request) because they were not doctors.

“One thing is new evidence and another proof that you did not work. If there is new evidence, it could be called a second instance hearing, “Gomez said.

This means that SNAI will not be able to challenge the medical reports that led to the release of George Glass from prison, including the habeas corpus.

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