National Judge Adrian Rojas granted the prosecutor’s request and ordered this Monday, March 28, 2022 night. Preventive imprisonment To the former regulator Paul SallyHis brother Stephen Sally And merchants Peter Sauna For his alleged involvement in the crime of bribery.

Involved and a Chinese company Investigation in the case was banned Property disposal 780 Real estate for basic salary.

Measurements are issued in a time Sentence hearing Which was held at the facility of the National Court north of Quito.

The Brother Sally Already limited Quito Prison 4. About a year ago, both men were detained at the same jail on charges of alleged organized crime in the Las Torres case.

Sauna’s case suggests he is a fugitive.

This judicial process for bribery stems from an investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office Tower suit.

According to the investigation, a Chinese company dedicated to the construction of pipes, irrigation systems and civil works will pay. Bribery In exchange for staying Faded gloss That firm was in the Comptroller’s office.

The state’s lawyer in the case Wilson ToaingaPablo Sally and his brother Esteban have assured him that they have proof of a transfer of USD 1.3 million.

This deposit is deemed to have been made on June 18, 2019 It will be paid by a Chinese companyThrough another firm living in Ecuador.

According to the investigation, the defendants received the bribe in exchange for the disappearance of the comptroller’s office on behalf of the foreign firm.

Defensive response

Marcelo RonPablo Sally’s lawyer has denied the prosecution’s allegations, arguing that the criminal charges against his client were due to harassment by that entity.

He further assured that his client had never claimed or benefited from the company. In addition, he said that his client had never met or knew the executives of that Chinese company.

Last week, Paul Sally He has given his version to the prosecutor’s office in this case. The former regulator said that in order for the gloss to disappear on behalf of that company, internal legal procedures were followed in the Comptroller’s Office.

“The legitimacy of the administrative work of the regulatory body is estimated. It cannot be assumed that there is a resolution to avoid civic responsibility Regulator Forms illegal behavior, “Sally said in her version.

Esteban Sally’s lawyer, David CowHe added that his client had not received any money transfer from the Chinese company. And the lawyer for that foreign company also explained that he had never transferred bribes to Ecuadorian officials.

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